21 February 2024

New Runway in Action

The Aerosearch AS40 completed the first aircraft flights from the Tāwhaki Aerospace Centre sealed runway. What a fantastic addition to this facility!

9 February 2024

Tāwhaki Aerospace Centre

Aerosearch were delighted to take the opportunity to display Aerosearch 40 at the opening of the new runway at the Tāwhaki Joint Venture aerospace research test centre. A chance to line up beside Dawn Aerospace shows the breadth of development work underway in Aotearoa. Congratulations to Tāwhaki Joint Venture for the mahi to put in a runway to meet our future development needs.

19 December 2023

Aerosearch 40 Certification

The Aerosearch aircraft completed its certification flight at an increased gross weight. Now certified for up to 50kg, getting ready for customer equipment and longer-range operations.

28 October 2023

Aerosearch 25 Test Flying

Test flying the Aerosearch 25 continues at Tāwhaki’s fantastic Kaitorete site.

7 September 2023

CAA NZ Part 102

Aerosearch has been issued a Part 102 Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certificate by the CAA NZ.
This is a big milestone for the company, allowing us to continue the development of our range of aircraft.
We look forward to working with the CAA on further enhancing our operations and aircraft.

16 August 2023

Aerosearch 25 Takes to the Air for the First Time

Aerosearch successfully completed the first flights of our in-house designed and built Aerosearch25.
The flights took place at the Tāwhaki Aerospace Research Centre on Kaitorete.
This is a major milestone for Aerosearch in the development of our series of RPAS that push the boundaries of performance, versatility, robustness and range.
Huge thanks to the team who made it happen.
The Aerosearch crew, Alex Hewson, Chris Jackson and the team at Tawhaki.

26 March 2023

Aerosearch Supporting Climate Research

Aerosearch’s Chief Systems Engineer Dr Chris Kaiser and University of Auckland’s Professor of Climate Physics David Noone have successfully completed a series of tests using the Aerosearch Ranger and Professor Noone’s customised measuring equipment, to validate the feasibility of gathering atmospheric data using an RPAS.

23 Dec 2022

Tāwhaki Joint Venture

Aerosearch is pleased to announce we are working with Tāwhaki Joint Venture (Tāwhaki) to develop and operate our aircraft at their superb Kaitorete Aerospace Research Test Site.
After a successful first test flight on November 21st, 2022, Aerosearch anticipates the company will be a frequent operator from Kaitorete in the new year.

20 Sept 2022

MBIE Airspace Integration Trials Program

Aerosearch is proud to join the ranks of fellow Aotearoa New Zealand aerospace companies, as an industry partner of the MBIE Airspace Integration Trials Programme.
Aerosearch was formed to push the boundaries of Aerospace and the company feels right at home with the ethos of the AITP, as we seek to expand the knowledge needed to operate new and novel systems in the airspace environment.
We look forward to discovering and sharing the learnings we gather on our development journey.

16 Sept 2022

Manufacturing Facility

Today Aerosearch opened its manufacturing facility in Woolston Christchurch and began production of the Aerosearch 25 prototype.